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Look, people, I am Way Too Busy to put up a freakin' website right now, okay? What, did you think the domain name was a joke? Here, have some links.

First of all, everyone PLEASE do not send spam to jojo@workingtoohard.com. Jojo doesn't like spam. Or viruses and stuff. So really, no one should ever send email to jojo@workingtoohard.com. Seriously. Unless, of course, Jojo has won the international lottery or is needed to help get millions out of some foreign country. Then it might be okay to mail her.

For CGI Scripts, Go here.
For ESL (English teaching) stuff, Go here.
For a baseX (base 2, base 62, base 8) calculator, Go here.
For Email Penpals, Go here.
For posters, t-shirts, mugs and crap with Impressionist (Monet, Degas, guys like that) art and photos, Go here.
For making TinyURLs into HUMONGOUS URLs, Go here.
For tech kinda news from Slashdot, Go here.

For anything else, Go here.

Obligatory random quote (Only viewable if your browser supports some sort of JavaScript. Sorry.) :

WayTooBusy.com is...
The coolest domain name ever
The story of my life
Just more mindless insanity
The story of my mom's life
Modern society in microcosm
What was the question again?